BURGER FEST: Tommi's Burger Joint AND Burger & Lobster

In the past year, London has become a city flooded with loads of burger joints from the more greasy and truly 'dirty' burgers to more fancy, up-market burgers. Foodies all over London have seen an explosion of innovation in the makings of these carnivorous treats. I guess they have truly become a work of culinary art.

So join the burger-train and embrace yourselves for this two-sided gastronomic adventure.

Starting off with Tommi's burger joint; this place of Icelandic origin has perfectly executed their signature steak burger which actually comes with béarnaise sauce on the side and some very crispy fries. This joint started off as a hyped pop-up restaurant but unfortunately, they closed on the day after I could have visited. I guess that's what made me even more excited when I discovered they were opening in Marleybone!

The restaurant lends itself to a young and  hipster vibe with the black walls and the incandescent holiday lights suspended from the ceilings. I mean..... This hipster ambience is kinda cool but it's getting quite old now because so many restaurants are trying to experiment with this type of atmosphere. This is quite ironic considering the fact that adjective 'hipster/ indie' should signify individuality but it's becoming more and more generic .

As soon as I got over the not-so-new ambience, I happily went to the counter to order my steak burger which I had cooked medium-well. I wondered whether I would add bacon as a side but the staff at the counter insisted that I should have the burger without bacon. I doubted her at first but I just went with her advice, hoping I didn't regret it.

When the burger finally arrived, my nose immediately sensed the beautiful beefy aromas that seeped through the paper that the burger was wrapped in; I immediately started salivating! One bite of the burger and it was almost like heaven in my mouth. The steak patty had a distinct taste which was so rich and meaty; it just fills your mouth in such a nice way. The burger also went beautifully with the béarnaise sauce which added an extra layer of richness to the meal. The fries were perfectly seasoned and had the perfect crunch to add some variety in texture to the dish. I guess the lady at the counter was right, the bacon would have created an imbalance in the richness and the saltiness. Overall, a delicious burger indeed!

It's definitely worth a visit if you're looking for that perfect compromise between simplicity and quality in a burger. It comes down to just £10. I can guarantee I'll be coming back for more.

30 Thayer St


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So guys, time to get in a black cab to Mayfair; It's time for some burger and lobster! My interest in this place requires no explanation as this restaurant has been the focus of most food blogs at some time in the past. I just had to go... I guess one does have to believe in the hype once in a while.

This was a nice day indeed apart from the fact that I had to wait for my friend in a nearby Starbucks for about 2 hours! I just hoped my meal would be worth the long wait. 

For some reason, I had always imagined Burger and lobster to have that indie vibe that Tommi's burger joint was going for, with a blue and red neon sign on the front window like they were sticking up the middle finger to the Mayfair restaurant scene. I guess I was wrong. The restaurant on the outside had the typical Mayfair vibe. The inside had such a cool intimate ambience with the small wooden tables and stools as well as the low ceilings. I also found the art on the walls quite amusing; I remember a very interesting lobster painting somewhere...

Anyway, on to the food. I ordered the lobster roll and Ms K.D had the burger. In a way, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that the restaurant was charging £20 for a burger that looked so mediocre . A burger of that price should be on the same par as the BB burger at Bar Boulud containing so many luxurious ingredients. 

They also offered cocktails in the £9-£12 range which I guessed was typical of drinks served in areas with these designated postcodes. I just had to indulge because the atmosphere encouraged it. That's what I liked about the place; it had such a lively and warm aura that involved everyone.

The lobster roll was very rich which I was expecting. The lobster (plentiful in quantity and definitely worth the £20) was very tender and went well with the chilled mayonnaise that it was mixed with. The brioche bun that was overfilled with the lobster meat provided a nice buttery flavour as well. A very rich dish indeed that only my cocktail could cure. It was really good though.

The burger was just okay and nothing special especially compared to what I had at Tommi's burger joint. I would personally feel ripped off if that's all I had ordered. I guess that's the catch with Burger and Lobster; the high prices charged for the mediocre burgers provide a nice stream of profits for survival in such an expensive area. 

It was definitely worth that long wait in the end. I left feeling very satisfied that I had finally eaten at this place that everyone had been talking about. Unfortunately, I couldn't have the lobster so feel free to comment below if you've tried it so that I can have an idea of how it tasted. As you know, it came down to about £20 excluding drinks and service. Again, definitely worth a try...

29 Clarges St


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