10 Greek Street - Modern European with a side of claustrophobia

I first heard of this place through the recommendation of a friend ages ago and it took me ages to finally get round to making a reservation there! I chose to go there because 1- the daily change of the menu intrigued me and 2- my friend would not let go of the fact I hadn't visited. In the end, he even came along!

It was again another wet day in Soho so I walked very briskly in a desperate attempt to be warm again - something I rarely do. Anyway, I entered the restaurant and it was so tiny: there were tables cramped up at every single corner and the coat hanger area was so small some people had to put their coats on top of others. Even the area underneath for bag storage was so small; I was nervous that my umbrella would get lost in the pile of belongings. I usually like relatively small places because it gives the restaurant an intimate atmosphere but I felt very claustrophobic here!

We were seated really close to the kitchen (which I didn't mind) and waited for our orders to be taken. The menu was rolled up and placed amongst the cutlery-that's definitely a first! For starters I ordered the spiced guinea fowl wings and Flash ordered the 'bisque, prawn, mussels, clam and orzo'. My order arrived and the aroma made me salivate excessively. The guinea fowl was seasoned to perfection and went really well with this sweet pepper/tomato sauce. The bed of rocket underneath also provided a nice crunch. It was so good but so little!

Flash's order arrived and it didn't look like what he ordered. That's because it wasn't! However, he decided not to return it. The dish was actually the seared scallops with chorizo and a cauliflower purée. I had a taste of it and it was nicely cooked and the chorizo which I don't usually like tasted great. It came across very fresh and light but the same problem occurred where the portion was just too small!

Next up were the mains. I ordered the Gloucester old spot pork belly and Flash had the roast cod. My dish when it arrived was quite a disappointment. The presentation was uninspiring and the aroma didn't really please me. Unfortunately, it tasted like it looked-bland and boring. The pork belly had fat in places where there shouldn't be any, the black pudding tasted awful (however I've never liked it) and I didn't like the texture of the white beans. The only thing I enjoyed was the pork crackling which was as good as it gets.

The roast cod on the other hand was well-seasoned, had a soft texture and made me wish I didn't have what I ordered. 

By the time we were ready to order desserts, pretty much all the customers had left while Flash and I remained. I ordered the pear and frangipane tart while Flash had the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and blood orange. Flash's dessert arrived first and I stared at it with huge regret and in order to avoid the experience of another potential gastronomic blunder, I ordered the same thing! I had to take my original order home though. 

Anyway, the chocolate fondant was good but nothing out of the ordinary. It had a soft and warm chocolate goo on the inside which ran onto the plate and mixed with the melting ice-cream. The blood orange was a refreshing addition to the plate as it overwhelmed me with acidity in the middle of a very rich dish.

Towards the end of my meal, my general impression of the place was quite negative until I met a really cool Ghanaian waitress. After she gave me my pear tart to take home, we all engaged in quite a lengthy convo. She was really cool and gave off a subtle hipster vibe which suited the restaurant atmosphere a bit.

Overall, I wasn't heavily impressed by the general quality of the food but I must admit that they cook fish really well. Maybe it's because modern European cuisine is not really my cup of tea at this point but I can't get over how much I didn't enjoy my main course. They do change their menu daily so first-time experimentation with the customers might explain some odd tasting dishes. Anyway, I'll leave it to you to be the judge. Do leave a comment below to tell me how much you enjoyed it if you visit.

PS: I had the pear tart the day after and it was really good!

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