Kurobuta : Cool Chelsea Pop-Up

My first experience at a pop-up; I felt I had definitely earned some foodie points! Apart from my micro-accomplishment, I fell in love with the idea of dining here when I saw some brilliant photos taken by the Londoner. Those pork buns looked glorious and I had to try them!

I headed to Kings Road (where I rarely visit) with Ms Tee. I have nothing against Chelsea, it's just that the place is not exactly littered with amazing restaurants which I find quite ironic given its supposed to be a posh area. I finally arrived at the place which took me ages to find due to its extremely inconspicuous presence; there wasn't even a logo giving a clue as to where they were. I must admit, it made me feel quite cool in a weird way like I was dining at some exclusive foodie joint.

My stride of pride was immediately interrupted when I couldn't get through the door and everyone inside just stared at me as I struggled to open it. It was probably the stiffest door I've come across- they need to do something about that!

ANYWAY, on to the food. The menu was insanely overwhelming because everything on it just looked so good. Once I made up my mind, I decided to start off with the tea smoked lamb. What can I say? It was really good: well seasoned, strong natural flavours from the juiciness and a nice kick from the sweet tomato sauce.

The honey glazed pork ribs came next which I was less impressed by. On the good side, the meat was tender and fell of the bone and the earthy tones came through from the grilled crust. However, it could have done with more sweetness from the honey and it wasn't exactly pleasant to see fatty bits of the pork hanging off the ribs.

I had a break from the robata grill and  delved into the land of sushi. I ordered the spicy tuna maki rolled in tempura crumbs. The tuna had a yummy texture and the crunch from the tempura crumbs made it weirdly addictive.

Unlike myself, Ms Tee indulged less and ordered one dish - the miso grilled baby chicken. It suffered from a one-dimensional taste. It was just salty and nothing else. It was in desperate need of citrus or sweetness which the spicy lemon sauce didn't even provide! I felt bad for her because she originally wanted to have the wagyu beef sliders which weren't available. I guess that's why one should try more than one thing!

Finally, the ultimate dish arrived- the BBQ pork belly in steamed buns. I don't know if it was because I was nearly full at this point but I have to say it didn't taste as good as it looked. It was really decent though! I just didn't like the over-salted peanut sauce so that couldn't help the pork belly which I thought was quite bland but yummy. The cucumber and the spring onions added a nice freshness to the bun which made it even more tasty. 

This pop-up definitely knows how to cook meat but I feel more attention needs to paid to the balance of flavours in a dish. I don't want to mislead you guys though, this place serves amazing food on the whole so definitely try it out. It cost me £50 but that's just because I was eating a lot so expect to spend about £40.

PS: I would like an update on how the stiff door is doing.

312 King's Road


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