Bastille Festival @ Borough Market

It was summer... there was a food festival involved.... it was supposedly a celebration of french culture ... was there a good reason for me not to go to the Bastille Festival at Borough market? I thought not.

I entered this event into my calendar weeks before, and I had envisioned a wonderful sunny day filled with waving french flags and glorious French desserts on offer at every corner. I was probably wrong on two counts. Firstly, the weather was absolutely awful with grey clouds and light drizzles ruining the day - then again, we are in London. Secondly, there really wasn't a strong vibe of French patriotism; I couldn't see french flags anywhere, not even people wearing black and white striped t-shirts (I joke).

Anyway, I arrived at Borough market and it took me a while to actually locate where this "festival" was actually occurring. Once I found it, I immediately thought "is this it?"

There was a decent number of market stalls each selling different things ranging from coffee to stir-fried dishes but I was a bit confounded by the lack of actual French food. Don't get me wrong, there were a few mini patisseries here and there but they weren't even selling key french foods (not even a croissant). Ironically, the best dessert stall there was Bread Ahead (an English brand) who sold fantastic doughnuts.

I got too excited and went for the doughnuts first (the vanilla cream one is heavenly). Once my sweet craze was over, I searched for the savoury dishes on offer. To my disappointment, there were hardly any stalls selling classic savoury French food! What type of Bastille Festival was this? I finally settled for a stall where I got some roast pork with couscous and a side of mixed greens and tomatoes. The meal was tasty, just not French. I finished off with some iced tea (English style), espresso (Italian style) and a gingerbread man (traditionally English). Well, it would seem like this was no celebration of French culture after all.

After a walk through the narrow streets of the surrounding area, I thought it was time to leave. I don't think I'll be bothering with this festival next summer (and neither should you). However, do visit Borough market for a general foodie adventure!

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