Luna: South meets South

Luna is making waves in the Durham community for serving dishes with a nouveau taste profile through the combination of South American cuisine and American Southern cuisine. The restaurant opened recently on West Main Street so it wasn't long before I decided to try the place out. To be honest, South American cuisine isn't exactly my go-to cuisine (maybe that's because the options aren't immense in London) but I was excited to try something new nevertheless.

Due to the no-reservations policy, we were able to study the menu whilst we stood in line for about 10-15 minutes. The menu is defined by a few key sections so it became our culinary mission to sample most of them.

In the small plates section we opted for the Arepas ($12.25). I didn't think the dish was particularly memorable. The meat was well flavoured and there was some variance of texture from the avocado, but I wasn't a fan of the maize dough. Also, the dish was a tad bit too messy (I'll leave that to the reader to decide whether that's a good or bad thing).

The next obvious choice was Empanadas served with a pork filling ($3.50 each/$9.50 for two with a side). I thought this dish was 'okay'; the complementary condiments uplifted the dish but my socks weren't blown off.

Next up was a selection of Patacon Pisao - a sandwich in which meat is served between two fried plantains. I chose the beef brisket option ($12.75) and it was amazing. The dish was rich and fresh at the same time - a rare quality I might add. Also, the side of succotash was equally impressive with its subtle spiciness and bold flavours.

We finished off with the Polo A La Brasa (Peruvian Roast Chicken) from the rotisserie section ($12.75). I thought this was decent. The chicken was very well seasoned but a bit dry in some areas. We had the chicken with a side of pimento hominy 'mac' and cheese which tasted odd; I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was but it didn't settle with me nicely.

Overall, I was a bit confused by the food at Luna. I couldn't tell if my palette or the food was the problem so it will be difficult to make a firm judgement at this time. Frankly speaking, I thought everything I tried was rather mediocre (except for the brief moment of brilliance from the Patacon Pisao). For now, the only good attributes are the good prices and the vibrant ambience. Not exactly boundary breaking...


112 W Main St
Durham NC, 27701


Would I recommend? Indifferent (for now)

Luna Rotisserie & Empanadas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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